Short Story Contest June 2013

Short Stories, PG13 content. Sectioned Opened Feb June 1 - July 4

Moderator: AlexUSA

Forum rules
Story contest starts June 1 and ends July 4th at midnight pacific time. Any stories made after the midnight cut off will not count.

If you won the last story contest, you can play again.

One story per person, no one will be allowed to comment to posts until after the deadline. If you need to edit your post the edit feature will be
enabled , any edits made after the deadline will disqualify your entire story.

Stories can be fiction or nonfiction, and must be kept PG-13 or under. This means no mention of any sexual activities beyond kissing, and your characters must remain semi clothed. In general think of a PG-13 movie, and follow those guidelines. There is no rules about language, just no hate speech.
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